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where2roostIn 2011, I was exploring areas to relocate to when I discovered there weren't many good tools on the internet for assisting me in finding my best place to live. This discovery lead me to hatch in October 2012.

Sure, there are generic "Top 10 Best Places to Live" sites.. but my goal is to provide a personalized list of cities and commmunities unique to the individual based on their own likes and dislikes. By asking you to answer a few simple questions across 8 categories , I can cross-reference the answers with publically-available data from multiple sources to produce a list of your best places to live. is strictly a hobby for me and thus I also do not have any interest in collecting your personal information for marketing purposes or for sale to other organizations.

This website is 100% FREE! However, there are costs associated with maintaining a website so please help me in keeping free by visiting links to our partners who are helping supplement some of my costs.

Lastly, will be a constant work-in-progress, so I totally value your feedback or suggestions for how to improve this website and service. Please visit the contact form or send me an email at

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Jay Frater

Jay Frater - For my day job, I manage a UX Operations team for a large financial instituion out of Madison, WI. I have been designing and creating websites for over 10 years.

A big thanks to my dog, Sydney, for patiently waiting for walks, and my beta-testers (you know who you are!) for helping me polish the site.

Thanks for using where2roost!

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