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1. Population Size Checkmark

How big of a community do you want to live in?

2. Living Costs Checkmark

For your primary residence, would you want to:

What types of homes would you be looking to purchase and live in:


What types of apartments would you be looking to rent:


How much are you willing to pay for monthly utility bills (gas, electric, water, etc.)?

Please select the statement that best represents how you feel about paying local taxes for access to quality public services (education, public transportation, etc.) in your community.

3. Services Checkmark

Public services, such as the roads you drive on or the schools you or your children attend, are often supported by your tax dollars. As you consider your answers in the Services category, think about whether or not you are willing to pay higher taxes for access to that service.


Public School Ratings

Considering that higher-rated public schools will typically fall in communities with higher tax rates (and vice versa), what do you expect the quality of the public schools in your community to be?


What kind of access to colleges or universities would you like to have in your community?




How many hospitals or major medical centers would you like to have access to in your community?



Commute Time

Most people don't enjoy a long commute to & from work/school, but some people are willing to endure long commutes for greater access to jobs or education.

How much commute time are you willing to endure on your way to work or school?


How close do you need or want to be to an airport that supports at least one major airline (American, United, etc.)?


4. Jobs Checkmark

Most communities in the U.S. are suffering higher unemployment rates. How high of an unemployment rate are you willing to tolerate in your community?

Most people feel comfortable living in communities where their neighbors have comparable household incomes to their own so that they can afford access to the same goods and servies as their neighbors.

Please indicate the target range for median household incomes in your community.


5. Weather & Climate Checkmark

During the winter months, how cold is too cold (°F)?

Winter Temperature

During the summer months, how hot is too hot (°F)?

Summer Temperature

How much rain are you willing to endure?


How much snow are you willing to endure?


6. Arts, Entertainment & Recreation Checkmark

How important is it for you to have good restaurants to choose from in your community?

Movie Theaters

How many movie theaters would you like to have available to you in your community?

Movie Theaters

Do you want access to annual or touring art or music events in your community?

Golf Courses

How many golf courses would you like to have available to you in your community?


How many federal or state parks would you like to have available to you in your community's area?


7. Religion Checkmark

Do you want access to others in your community who share your beliefs in organized religion?

Please select any of the religious beliefs you wish to have present/existing in your community:

8. People Checkmark

Communities are comprised of people in all shapes, ages, sizes and colors. The following questions provide insight into the attitudes and demographics about the people who live in the communities we select for you.


What should the median age of the people in your community skew toward?


Compared to the national average, what should the level of diversity be in the community you live?


How wealthy should your neighbors be in your community?


What should the political attitudes of your community be?

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